Cloud Strife Zine

A fanzine celebrating Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

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contributors for Spirit & Strife: a Cloud Fanzine

Thank you for purchasing this copy of the Spirit & Strife fanzine, we hope you cherish this book as much as we cherished making it! The love poured into this project will live on in our memories, as it does in the pages of the zine.While we wait for the next Final Fantasy VII installment, please consider giving the artists and writers of Spirit & Strife a follow on social media!Thank you for your support and love of Cloud Strife.

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Latest update: October 7, 2022


Spirit & Strife is a fanzine celebrating the beloved character Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII☁ — 32 artists and 8 writers
☁ — Executive Size (7x10 inches) page size
☁ — 2k words per fic
☁ — Perfect bound physical book
☁ — Merchandise such as acrylic charms, stickers, and pins will be included in our store as a part of the larger bundles
☁ — Spirit & Strife is a for-profit project, splitting post-production funds between all contributing members once the store is closed
All contributors are asked to follow these guidelines:
☁ — No romantic ships
☁ — Platonic friendships are fine so long it’s not the focus of the piece rather than Cloud himself
☁ — All zine pieces are rated PG-15 or lower (canon-typical violence and themes are allowed)
☁ — Headcanons and AU ideas are acceptable but still need to be accessible to a general audience
☁ — All accepted contributors are asked to submit one (1) final, polished piece of art or writing
☁ — New content only, no re-using previously made content
☁ — 7x10 inch page size, 300 dpi, CMYK coloring
☁ — Include 1/8th inch border for bleed (2175x3075 pixel canvas)
☁ — Backgrounds are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED
☁ — Traditional art is allowed as long as the artist has a way of scanning it in high quality
☁ — No more than 2k words per fic
☁ — Proper grammar and punctuation required
☁ — Writers are welcome to use their own betas or ask the mods to beta
☁ — Please list any potentially triggering themes up front
Merch artists:
☁ — Please adhere to the specifications provided for each merch type as this will vary between products and manufacturers
☁ — Only the art is required by the merch artist; the mods will lead production


October 1-31:Applications open
November 11:Contributor responses sent
November 18:Last day to confirm participation*
November 25:Final ideas due
December 16:1st check-in
January 13:2nd check-in
February 10:3rd check-in
March 10:Final due date
March 25:Pre-orders open
April 25:Pre-orders close
May - June:Item production
August 9:Physical bundles are mailed out
August 23:Digital bundles are distributed
Aug 30-Sept 30:Leftover store open

*Last day accepted contributors can confirm participation or they will be automatically dropped


Q: What’s a fanzine?
☁ — Zines (derived from the word “magazines”) are self-published, unofficial compendiums made to display a variety of work for a single subject or theme. Fanzines are zines with the purpose of celebrating something fans love.
Q: What is the theme of this fanzine?
☁ — The focus of the fanzine is on Cloud Strife in a positive light, whether that’s during canon events, with hope for the future, a headcanon between scenes, or in an AU. We want to celebrate Cloud and his involvement, drive, and value to the Final Fantasy VII universe and to audiences around the world.
Q: How many contributors are you looking for?
☁ — We are looking for 32 artists, 8 writers, and up to 5 merch artists. Guidelines for applying contributors can be found here. Applications are closed at this time.
Q: Will this zine be distributed digitally or physically?
☁ — The Cloud Strife fanzine will be available in both digital and physical formats.
Q: Will there be merch?
☁ — Yes there will, for both physical and digital bundles! Merchandise such as miniprints, acrylic charms, and stickers will be included in our store as a part of the larger bundles. The digital bundle will also include goodies such as avatars and emojis.
Q: What if I'm a contributor having trouble with the page size?
☁ — The moderators will provide all page artists with the 1-page template and the 2-page spread template.
Q: How will contributors be contacted throughout the zine creation period?
☁ — Contributors who are invited to be a part of the Cloud Strife fanzine will be contacted through email and optionally through a Discord server set up specifically for this project.
Q: Where is this zine shipping from?
☁ — Our production moderator is located in California, USA, and will be distributing bundles from there via USPS and Ascendia. Tracking numbers will be provided via email upon shipping.
Q: Will there be a leftover store?
☁ — Yes, we will announce the leftover store opening dates on Twitter and Tumblr once all pre-orders have been shipped out.
Have more questions? Let us know through Tumblr, Twitter, or email!


mod aerith

Art Moderator
Mod to 3 zines • Artist to 28 zines

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Art Moderator
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mod andrea

Lead, Production
Lead Mod to 4 zines • Cosplayer to 2 zines

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Writing Moderator
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Graphics, Layout
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